Rakshak Summer Internship 2015 – Research Topics

The following projects were carried out in internship held in 2015

Project titles are in no particular order

Economy, Finance & Business

1. Analysis of Trends in CSR activities, Outcome and Way Forward.
2. Labour Law Reforms in Gujarat- Disseminating these to various stakeholders and facilitating their operationalisation.
3. Pay commissions: Unaddressed issues: Productivity, Liberalization and Civil Service reform.
4. Impact Assessment of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) – for specific sector A.
5. Impact Assessment of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) – for specific sector B.
6. Impact Assessment of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) – for specific sector C.
7. Role of Public Sector Banks and Public Institutions in Financial Inclusion and Problems Related to Non-performing Assets.
8. Goods and Services Tax.
9. Interface between IPR and competition law.
10. Compulsory licensing of patents – Implications for Pharma Sector.


Education, Skills Development

1. Commercialization of Education.
2. Developing an educational programme to educate the workmen safe way to work.
3. Effects of Mobile in Secondary and Higher Education.
4. How do we measure learning outcome among the students of our school or any school.
5. Education at Government Schools – Reality Check and Recommendations – Infrastructure, Teaching Standards.
6. Mid-Day-Meal Scheme in Primary Schools – Analysis, Effects and Suggestions.
7. Skill training/ vocational training – Reality Check and Recommendations – Infrastructure, Teaching Standards.
8. School Drop-outs: Analysis, Effects and Suggestions.
9. Making India a Technical Education Superpower.


Government Schemes

1. Food Security Paradigm in India: Required Policy Changes.
2. Financial Inclusion: opportunity and challenges: Jan Dhan Yojna.
3. Evaluation of National Rural Livelihood Mission – Success and Hurdles.
4. Evaluation of the impact of scrapping of Govt of India’s Central Sponsored Schemes on development priorities of the Centre and the states (sector specific).
5. Identification of gaps in imp. social sector schemes and to make them more effective with people’s participation.
6. Analysis of impact and efficiency of MNREGA.
7. UID: Implementation Challenges.
8. Improving the Public Storage and Distribution System.
9. Disabled Registry for Haryana.
10. Rationalization and Estimation of Social Security Pension beneficiaries.
11. Evaluation of National Rural Livelihood Mision.
12. How to improve the implementation of National Urban Health Mission services in slums?


Infrastructure, Quality of Life

1. Improving the Quality of Life (Smart City: Prospects, Issues and Challenges).
2. Improving the quality of Life – related to health
3. Is Kerala a Role Model in the area of Health?
4. Different models of solid waste management in relation to “Swachha Bharat Abhiyan”.
5. Access to Low Cost Medicines and Alternative Solutions.
6. Air Pollution, its impact, lessons from world and policy initiatives to curb it in cities of India.
7. Intellectual Property Rights issues related to public health in India.
8. Food and Drug Administration and empowering people.
9. Environmental Studies & management of the Shimla Water Catchment Area, Kufri Zoo and the Chir Pheasantry Breeding centre at Chail.
10. Environmental Studies & Management of the Great Himalayan National Park, Shamshi, Kullu.
11. Mobile technology solutions for chronic care management of Diabetes.
12. Implementing 24/7 water supply project in an Indian city.


Land Management

1. A Comparative Study of the 1894, 2013 and proposed Land Acquisition Acts of India.
2. Urbanization: the legal and administrative regimes.
3. Land and Poverty Alleviation.
4. Land acquisition-balancing the requirement of development viz-a-viz the rights of landlord-issues and way forward.


National Security

1. Pakistan Studies – Domestic politics, Civil – Military relations.
2. Terrorism & Islamic radicalism – implications for India.
3. Afghanistan- Challenges of reconciliation & peace-making/ power sharing with Taliban.
4. Bangladesh studies – Polarization in Politics & Hurdles democratic consolidation/ challenge of creeping Islamic radicalism.
5. Impact of border conflict on Jammu villagers.
6. Imperatives of a central database for national security.


Police, Judicial Reforms

1. Judicial reforms in India.
2. Private security and investigation services – Scope, Status and Coordination with state security apparatus.
3. Filling Police Public Trust Deficit: What Needs to be done.
4. 498a – Issues and challenges in Implementation to stop misuse.
5. Effect of phychological stress on Police behaviour and efficiency.



1. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution- Challenges and Opportunities.
2. Solar Rooftop PV programme in Bangalore – challenges and financial modelling.
3. SMART GRID in Bangalore and other metros – what’s holding a large scale rollout ?
4. Rural Electrification.
5. Power For All.
6. Trends and Challenges in distribution of power.
7. Civil Society to trap Solar Power.


Professional Ethics

1. Ingredients of good leadership.
2. Transparency in business to curb collusive corruption.
3. Accountability and Transparency in Indian Railways.
4. Taking transparency to the next level.
5. Revamping Ineffective-systems which are a root cause of corruption and poor governance – Insights from modern thinking and Indian wisdom.
6. Formulating a Code of Conduct for Builders in Residential Areas.


Rural Development, Farmer Issues

1. Public Private Partnership in Rural Development.
2. Housing for the rural poor.
3. Alternative livelihood of Bidi workers- Economic analysis of opportunities and challenges.
4. Basic Healthcare Facilities in Rural Areas and Slums.
5. Ways to Protect the Farmers from Market and Ecological Vulnerabilities.
6. Creating Unified Agriculture Market – Issues, Challanges and possible solutions.
7. Strategy for Preventing Wastage of Perishable Goods.
8. Farmers in India – Challenges, Problems and Solutions


Governance, Service Delivery

1. E-enabling of various services delivered by Urban Bodies.
2. The Impact of the NeGP (National e-Governance Plan) Programme launched in 2006-07.
3. Improvement in administrative processes.
4. New Pension Scheme 2004 – policy suggestions for improvement based on international practice.
5. Promoting whistle-blowing for good governance.
6. Public Perceptions about civil servants: Trends and suggested strategies to improve.
7. GIS Framework for Governance w.r.t. Municipal Administration & land Records.
8. Right to Information and Transparency.
9. Decentralization: An Approach to Grassroots Governance.
10. Role of IT in Land Record Management.
11. Election Procedure and Efforts to Ensure Fair and Effective Election – Online Voting.
12. Social Auditing: An Implementable Strategy to Ensure Good Governance.


Social Problem

1. Eradication of extreme poverty.
2. Comparative study of struggles of Blacks in the US with the Dalits in India.
3. Impacts of Declining Child Sex Ratio on society.
4. Implementing PNDT Act through online F-Form.
5. Child Sexual Abuse in Government Institutions.
6. Ensuring Social Inclusions of Disabled People.



1. Public Transportation System in India and the role of State Transport Undertakings.
2. Local Train Network Improvements.
3. Electronic toll tax collection system.
4. Trend and Analysis of traffic accidents- controlling loss of Life and Limb.