List of Completed Projects

ProjectID ProjectName Year
Railway tracks waste management 2012
Right to Information Act – Solutions to issues in the field 2012
Economic and political effect of Naxalite problem and it’s current and future impact 2012
Fatalities in Road Accidents – a preventable tragedy 2012
Production and Marketing of Handicraft Goods – Opportunities and Challenges 2012
Efficacy of Law as a Tool to provide relief to accident victims 2012
Judicial Accountability – Metrics to Judge the judges, feedback mechanism system 2012
Potential of the NSS to channelize youth energy towards upliftment of society. Some actual success stories and possibilities. 2012
To Consider the Desirability of Compulsory 1-2 Years Service in Rural/Tribal Areas in Private/Public Sector Sponsored Schemes for all Fresh Graduates 2012
Should India as a developing country bear the burden of environmental regulation 2012
Anti corruption (economic offenses) and improving the efficacy by using the provisions of criminal justice system 2012
Understand the voting pattern in students, youth and women below 30, provide practical models of increasing the voting percentage and making it easy for people/student to vote 2012
Framework for the Right to Healthcare, Rising health care cost. Cost of treatment of some common diseases in rural, semi rural areas, mortality rate 2012
Study the mechanisms and infrastructure for waste collection and disposal in your city and its successes and failures 2012
Tackling Corruption from the supply side 2012
Development of a cost-effective solution to walking aid for the Visually Impaired 2012
A study of religious education hubs and their impact on the value system: Madarsas Ashrams/Matts Catholics 2012
Expedite police investigations, court procedures and trials by using advances in Information Technology 2012
Women reservation in panchayats and the reality behind it 2012
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail: Activism, truth and the way forward 2012
How does the trading in futures of commodities in India impacts the prices of essential commodities, who all benefit from it and what benefits/harms are expected if it is banned? 2012
Research the existing gaps in primary(3-8) and secondary education(up to class 10) towards preparing our future citizens and proposal to bridge that gap. 2012
Process of Civil and Administrative reforms in India. How could the system be made such that common man could suggest practical changes. Improvements and suggestions made, what got implemented and what did not and why? 2012
Visit local courts, suggest steps to improve the infrastructure and the experience of litigants 2012
Government budget outlay and various schemes for primary education – Their impact and short-comings and how do these compare with China and Brazil 2012
Socio-Economic Impacts of Rural Roads on Rural Population: Analysis of PMGSY )Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna) Scheme 2012
Ways to inculcate and sustain Innovation into young minds through our educational system 2012
Strategies to preserve/document and patent the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs and traditional treatments for various ailments in India 2012
Effects of government policies, inefficiency, acquisition through support prices, its storage and distribution and it’s effects on prices in last 4 years 2012
How to improve catering facilities in Indian Railways 2012
Allocation and utilization of Central funds to various States under specific poverty alleviation schemes from 2001 to 2010. 2012
The relevance, effectiveness and community support to COTPA 2003 Law and its regulations 2012
Video Clip Competition 2012
Economic and Social analysis of Metro as a solution to urban transportation 2012
Scorecard for Journalists- Judging the Journalists 2012
Regulation of Water Usage 2012
Research the effect of current real estate boom and development of massive new housing projects and high rise buildings around industrial centers (Delhi/Bombay/Banglore) on resources of fresh air water and open green spaces. How this effects the overall quality of life including the cost of living in big cities. 2012
How to effectively manage and execute addressing of public grevience 2012
C102 Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure projects in India: Lessons learnt and way forward 2013
C103 Developing Low cost Financing Models for Renewable Energy projects and Promoting RE financing by banks/financing institutions 2013
C104 Status of homelessness in rural areas and the efficacy of the housing schemes 2013
C105 Building National Career Service 2013
C106 Issues Rape victims face in registration of crime 2013
C108 Feasibility of diversification of landuse from rice to agroforestry 2013
C109 Relevance and Efficacy of National Rural Health Mission- at the grassroots level 2013
C110 The indecent representation (objectification) of women in media and its effect on society 2013
C112 Exploring the Potential for Payment for Environmental Services (PES) in Himachal Pradesh 2013
C114 Spreading awareness about the importance of population control in rural areas 2013
C115 Fostering Enterpreneurship in India 2013
C117 Manufacturing opportunities in India Comparative analysis to other countries 2013
C118 Encouraging youth participation in policy making process in India 2013
C119 Process Integrity in Indian Criminal Justice System 2013
C120 Revitalizing Public Libraries in India 2013
C121 Police Reforms in India 2013
C122 Pan India System to Trace Missing Persons 2013
C124 Tourism industry –Study of best practices, and suggestions to improve 2013
C125 Ban on Gutka and Pan Masala in India- Assessment of the socio-economic impact, regulatory and enforcement challenges 2013
C126 Improving Voting Percentage in Assembly elections and the Lok Sabha elections 2013
C128 Economic working model of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Analysis of Shared value approach to Business and Society 2013
C129 Common Services Centers (CSC) Project: Implementation and Challenges 2013
C130 Design a strategy to increase awareness about Invoices 2013
C131 Steps to address water shortage and ground water level in Delhi 2013
C132 Adapting of Indian Homes for Staying of Elderly 2013
C133 Measuring performance of MPs 2013
C134 Simplifying the existing common rules for public to combat Red Tapism 2013
C135 Municipal Solid waste management system in India 2013
C136 Finding the Co-relation between Alcohol and Crimes 2013
C137 Finding low cost diagnostic methods for identifying diseases 2013
C138 The Status Quo of Nurses in India – A study of the neglected section of working class 2013
C139 Curbing the menace of child labor in India 2013
C140 Project Proposal On: A Study On Exploitation Of Surrogate Mothers 2013
C141 Improving the Driver’s Licensing System : Corruption Free And Citizen Friendly 2013
C143 An analysis of pay commissions: Gains by bureaucracy relative to people, and mapping of recommendations implemented, and unsavory ones not implemented. 2013
C144 Fall in GDP growth in India: Causes, effects and solutions 2013
C145 Cyber terrorism and Cyber Crime 2013
C146 To increase the efficiency of Gujarat Police using the tool of e-Governance 2013
C147 Financial Management and Project Analysis of Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department 2013
C149 Free Registration of Crime 2013
C150 Police-Public Interface: A Balanced Approach for Mutual Benefits 2013
C151 Improving Primary Health Centres 2013
C153 Scams in Capital Markets: modus operandi of fake companies and steps to curb them 2013
C155 Alternate and low cost construction materials and techniques 2013
C156 comprehensive strategy aiming to transform the transportation sector in urban areas 2013
C157 Use of Information Technology and Preparation of Dashboard for Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department 2013
C158 Use of Journalism and Television to spread Right Thinking 2013
C160 Generic Drug Distribution Models and Policy issues 2013
C161 Best Practices in Skill Development 2013
C162 Soft skills training to marginalized youth: Issues and Challenges 2013
C163 Comprehensive Study and NGOs in India, their Profile, Work, Activities with special reference to Grants 2013
C164 Improvements in Railways website and ticket bookings 2013
C165 Crop Insurance: A Risk Mitigating Strategy 2013
C166 A critical analysis of government schools and areas of reform 2013
C168 Study of implementation and implementation issues of Right to Education act (RTE) 2013
C169 Research Grants for Rakshak Foundation 2013
C171 Management of Food Grain Production and Storage in India 2013
C201 Strategy for projects and schemes in foreign countries 2013
C202 Direct Cash Transfer in India 2013
C203 Industrial Training Institute, Pataudi 2013
C204 Crime record management system CCTNS for U.P Police 2013
C205 Transport Planning Strategy: Improvement of Bus services in Chandigarh 2013
C206 Empowerment of Youth In India 2013
C207 Four year action plan for up-gradation of existing ITI system in Uttar Pradesh 2013
C208 Mahant Bhai Tirath Singh Ji Hospital – Project Proposal 2013
C209 Four year action plan for upgradation of ITI system in Uttar Pradesh 2013
C210 Credibility and Accountability of Media 2013
C211 2013
C212 A Case Study on the Implementation of SPV powered Irrigation Pumps in Punjab 2013
C213 2013
D101 Malnutrition in Slum Children 2014
D103 Improving perception about the police in the mind of the public and Removing Gender bias in policing 2014
D104 Sensitizing Governance 2014
D105 Poverty depends more on societal attitudes than on lack of resources 2014
D106 Challenges in Financing of Urban Infrastructure 2014
D107 Study of degree of satisfaction/dissatisfaction in the minds of public about their interactions with police 2014
D108 Existing gaps between primary and secondary education 2014
D109 International best practices on use of Assessments 2014
D112 Safe city for women 2014
D113 Evaluation of the restructured accelerated power development and reforms programme 2014
D114 GIS applications in Governance 2014
D115 Efficient citizen service delivery system for making Government more accountable to its citizens 2014
D116 Unique ID Number 2014
D117 Encouraging Public Private partnership in railways 2014
D118 Abolition of Affidavit 2014
D119 Preparing the roadmap for effective implementation of Model Schools in Uttar Pradesh 2014
D120 Understanding Food Security in India 2014
D121 Taxation/ economics, to be assigned by Rakshak 2014
D122 Efficient citizen service delivery system for making Government more accountable to its citizens 2014
D123 Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Projects in India: Lessons learnt and Way forward 2014
D124 Secondary education 2014
D125 To understand the Job Profile of a Constable and Propose Required Training 2014
D126 2014
D127 Naxalite Problem in India 2014
D129 Public perceptions regarding Complaints/FIR – Law and Practice 2014
D131 Policy model for regulation and service delivery for UPSRTC 2014
D132 Role of ICT in ethical and efficient governance 2014
D133 India’s internal security challenges – citizen participation 2014
D134 Inclusive governance 2014
D137 Coal – A burning issue 2014
D138 Land use planning in cities: Making housing affordable and cities prosperous 2014
D139 Evolution of RFD 2014
D140 Electoral reforms in India 2014
D141 Implementation of Intelligent transport systems in UPSRTC 2014
D142 Skill Development 2014
D143 Investigation of anti-corruption cases in India 2014
D144 Suitability of BRTS for different cities 2014
D145 Study the U.P. Government Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme and suggest ways to make it more Effective 2014
D146 Administrative Process Improvement 2014
D147 Study GDP contribution vs. political representation 2014
D148 Adapting of Indian Homes for Staying of Elderly 2014
D149 India’s Energy Security 2014
D150 Innovative Thinking in Government 2014
D151 Need for Project Management skills in government sector 2014
D152 To be assigned by Rakshak 2014
D154 Taking care of Ganga River Basin through Public Participation – Citizen’s role and responsibilities 2014
D155 Potential of CSR in India 2014
D156 Drafting a governance agenda for India 2014
D157 Standardization of Operational Procedures, as per ISO 9001, in Copyright Office, GOI 2014
D158 Ways to improve public perception of policing 2014
D159 Study of service delivery in the Transport department in Punjab 2014
D160 Rural Tourism 2014
D161 Challenges in Sanitation 2014
D164 Segregation of Non-Agricultural and Agricultural loads in Rural areas of Bangalore by drawing separate 11KV lines 2014
D165 Redesigning Resident Welfare Associations 2014
D166 2014
D167 e-Enabling of various services delivered by urban bodies 2014
D168 Multiple accountability in Indian governance 2014
D169 Fall in GDP growth in India: Causes, effects and solutions 2014
D170 Policy vacuum in private investment in Health Sector 2014
D171 District disaster management plan 2014
D172 Public Distribution System 2014
D173 Policy vacuum in private investment in higher education 2014
D174 Primary data analysis & research relating to various laws 2014
D175 Secularism and the State 2014
D176 Innovation in Elementary Education 2014
D177 To regulate the use of Muscle and Money powers in elections 2014
D178 Menace of kidnapping in Bihar 2014
D179 2014
D180 Conceptualize and design a model for ‘Single-Window Trauma Centre’ for Rape Victims in India 2014
D181 Improving Organized Retail Trade in India 2014
D182 Community Policing 2014
D183 Sankalp; second innings of the retired goverment employee 2014
D184 Community Policing 2014
D185 How to leverage technology to improve the standards of governance in our country? 2014
D187 Urban land management 2014
D188 2014
D189 2014
D201 Water and Sanitation Department- A Business Model 2014
D203 Maintenance Policy for Rural Roads in MP 2014
D204 2014
D205 Pharma Innovations and Diseases: A Quantitative Analysis 2014
D206 Election Procedure and Efforts to Ensure Fair and Effective Election 2014
D207 E-Governance at Income tax department – CPC TDS 2014
D209 Absentee ballot system in India: A solution to secure the electoral rights of migrant workers 2014
D210 Study of Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill 2013 and analysis of whether it will be able to curb the growing corruption in the country 2014
D211 Implementation & Transparency of MGNREGA in Madhya Pradesh Emphasizing EFMS 2014
D213 Process Improvement of UP Skill Development Mission & Implementation of Management Information System 2014
D214 Formulating maintenance policy for rural roads 2014
D215 Review and Propose Measures to Improve Public Distribution System 2014
D216 Human Resource Reforms in Indian Police 2014
D218 Electronic Payment of Wages for the MGNREGA Scheme in an underbanked state 2014
D219 Rollout of e-governance tool ‘e-Payment system’ in MP RRDA 2014
D220 Impact analysis of Chief Minister Rural Housing Mission in Madhya Pradesh 2014
D221 Process Improvement of UP Skill Development Mission & Implementation of Management Information System 2014
D223 Judicial Reforms in India -Issue, Challenges and Need of the Hour 2014
D226 Environmental Impact of Civil Aviation in India 2014
D227 B Plan for Social Venture Capital Company- LIFCOM 2014
D229 Knowledge Management Framework for IBDLP, Meghalaya 2014
E101 Analysis of impact and efficiency of MNREGA 2015
E102 Impact Assessment of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement signed between India and Malaysia 2015
E103 Impact Assessment of India-ASEAN FTA- specific to Indonesia 2015
E104 Alternative Livelihood for Bidi Workers- An economic analysis of opportunities and challenges 2015
E105 Is Kerala a role model in the area of Health 2015
E106 Eradication of Absolute Poverty 2015
E108 NEw Pension Scheme 2004 – policy suggestions for improvement based on international practice. 2015
E109 Social Audit: An implementable strategy to ensure good governance 2015
E110 Unaddressed Issues of Pay Commission : Productivity, Liberalisation and Civil Service Reforms 2015
E111 Midday Meal Scheme in Primary Schools – Analysis, Effects and Suggestions 2015
E112 Evaluation of National Rural Livelihoods Mission 2015
E113 Creating a Unified Agricultural Market – Issues, Challenges and Possible Solutions 2015
E114 Analysis of Trends in CSR Activities- Outcome and Way Forward 2015
E117 Impacts of declining child sex ratio 2015
E118 Interface between IPR and Competition Laws 2015
E119 Improving the Quality of Life (Smart City: Prospects, Issues and Challenges) 2015
E120 Critical Appraisal of Electronic Toll Collection Model in India 2015
E121 Intellectual Property Rights’ Issues Related to Public Health in India 2015
E122 Afghanistan-Challenges of reconciliation and peace-making/power sharing with Taliban 2015
E123 Role of Public Sector Banks and Public Institutions in Financial Inclusion and problems related to Non-Performing Assets 2015
E124 Strategy for Preventing Wastage of Perishable Goods 2015
E125 Bangladesh studies – Polarisation in Politics & Hurdles in democratic consolidation / challenge of creeping Islamic radicalism 2015
E126 A Comparative Study of 1894, 2013 and Proposed Land Acquisition Acts of India 2015
E127 Urbanization: Legal and Administrative Regime 2015
E128 Environmental Pressure on GHNP after being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO 2015
E130 “Private Security and Investigation 2015
E131 Public Private Partnership(PPP) in Rural Development 2015
E132 Living Standards of children in Government Institutions 2015
E134 Challenges and issues in Implementation to stop the misuse of 498A 2015
E136 Making India a Technical Education Superpower 2015
E139 Promoting Whistle Blowing for Good Governance 2015
E140 Transparency in private sector to curb collusive corruption 2015
E141 Impact Assessment of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) – specific Electric Equipment 2015
E142 Skill development/ Vocational Training: Reality Check and Recommendations: Infrastructure and Teaching Standards 2015
E143 ways to protect the farmers from market and ecological vulnerabilities 2015
E144 Decentralization: An Approach to grassroots governance 2015
E147 Trends and Challenges in Power Distribution 2015
E148 Effect of Mobile On Secondary And Higher Education 2015
E149 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan : A Practical Solution to problem of India? 2015
E150 Implementing PNDT Act through Online F Form 2015
E151 Mobile technology solutions for chronic care management of Diabetes and Hypertension 2015
E152 Trends and Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents, controlling loss of life and limb 2015
E153 Air Pollution, Its impacts, Lessons From World and Policy Initiatives to Curb It In Cities of India 2015
E154 Power For All 2015
E155 Accountability and Transparency in Indian Railways 2015
E156 Commercialisation of Education 2015
E157 Housing for urban poor 2015
E159 Food Security Paradigm in India: Required Policy Changes 2015
E162 Geographic Information Systems- Data Acquisition and Its applications 2015
E164 Improvements in Administrative Processes 2015
E165 Improving Quality of Life – Related to Health 2015
E166 Developing an Educational Program to Educate Workmen Safe Way to Work 2015
E167 Improving the Public Storage and Distribution System 2015
E168 Improving Primary Education Through Peoples’ Participation 2015
E169 Access to low cost medicines 2015
E170 Civil Society to trap Solar Power 2015
E171 Filling Public-Police Trust Deficit: What Needs To Be Done 2015
E172 To decide how to ensure Direct Benefit Transfer of SC/BC SCHOLARSHIPS in Haryana without leakage 2015
E173 Ingredients of good leadership 2015
E174 Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution: Challenges and Opportunities 2015
E175 Role of IT in Land Record Management 2015
E176 Electrical Engineering 2015
E177 Taking Transparency to the next level 2015
E179 UID: Implementation Challenges 2015
E180 Election Procedure and Efforts to Ensure Fair and Effective Election – Online Voting 2015
E183 Health Care Facilities in Rural India and Slums 2015
E184 Solar rooftop PV programme in Bangalore – challenges and financial modelling 2015
E185 Public Transportation scenario in Urban areas/cities; Bus Rapid Transit System in India, Government policies, schemes & Initiatives 2015
E186 Impact of Border Conflict on Jammu Villagers 2015
E187 How to improve the implementation of National Urban Health Mission services in slums. 2015
E188 Evaluation of National Rural Livelihood Mission – Success and hurdles 2015
E190 Local Train Network Improvements 2015
E191 Public Perceptions about civil servants: Trends and suggested strategies to improve 2015
E192 Smart Grid in Bangalore and other metros-wht is holding a large scale roll-out 2015
E193 Education at Government School: Reality Check and Recommendation – Teaching Standards and Infrastructure 2015
E195 Evaluation of the impact of scrapping of Govt of India’s Central Sponsored Schemes on development priorities of the Centre and the states (Sector spec 2015
E196 Goods and Services Tax. 2015
E199 Judicial reforms in India 2015
E201 Study on Jaipur Ring Road Project and Jaipur Metro Project construction by Jaipur Development Authority 2015
E202 A study on best practices “e-tendering” in MPRRDA and streamlining I-Ashray software used for monitoring and tracking progress of CMRHM 2015
E203 Study the operations and marketing Of The Unati co-operative Marketing-cum-Processing Society, suggest improvements and recommendations 2015
E204 Detailed Study on Jaipur Outer Ring Road Project and Jaipur Metro Project constructed by Jaipur Development Authority”. 2015
E206 Application of Operations Management in Telangana State Police Department 2015
E207 Study On Right To Information Act 2015
E208 Access to Urgent and Affordable healthcare 2015
E209 Warehousing Development in Madhya Pradesh- A Success Story 2015
E210 Behaviour Change for Health and Nutrition through Structured Mothers’ Group Meetings’ 2015
E211 Rural Tourism as a Potential Strategy for Sustainable Rural Development: Case of Hariharpur, India 2015
E212 Citizen Activism through Journalism 2015
E213 Decentralization – An approach to grassroot governance 2015
E214 CSI (Citizens’ Social Initiative) 2015
E215 Establishing a Sustainable Environment by Transforming the Floral Offerings in Temples – A Compost of Faith 2015
E215 Detailed Study on Jaipur outer Ring Road Project and Jaipur Metro Project 2015
E216 Documentation of Navi Mumbai International Airport 2015
E217 The Ease of Doing Business in India: The Case of Walmart 2015
E218 Ease of Doing Business in India-The Case of Walmart 2015
E219 Ease of doing business, with the specific example of Telangana 2015
E220 Electricity Generation and Distribution: Challenges and Recommendations 2015
E221 Empowering Women through Self-help Groups 2015
E222 FIR, Investigation, Arrest and Bail: Public perception; Law and Practice 2015
E224 Mainstreaming Widow and Deserted Women � 2015
E225 analysing the success/failure of all women police station in achieving women empowerment 2015
E226 Police Reforms: Challenges in implementing the SC order 2015
E227 To Find the Bottlenecks in Listing of Pregnant Women at ASHA level in VHIR 2015
E228 Public sector reforms and the role of the public sector in the evolving context of development and modernization in India 2015
E229 Tanjore Main Road, National Highway 67, Near BHEL Trichy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620015 2015
E230 Study of Cast and Income certificate in the state of Karnataka and recommend process improvement and systemic changes 2015
E231 The Role of BSF in ensuring security of the Borders of India 2015
E235 To study and propose streamlining and design improvements for the ‘Ladli’ Scheme in Delhi to improve the female sex ratio 2015
E236 Using socio economic database for Development of backward classes 2015
E251 Implementing 24/7 water supply project in an Indian city 2015
E301 Imperatives of a central database on national security 2015
E306 An Assessment of SWOT analysis of The Great Himalayan National Park 2015
E307 Financial Inclusion: Opportunity & Challeneges : Jan Dhan Yojana 2015
E308 Land acquisition- Balancing the requirements of development Vis-à-vis rights of the landlords, issues and way forward 2015
E309 Land and Poverty Alleviation 2015
E310 Comparative study of struggles of Blacks in the US with Dalits in India. 2015
E311 Farmers in India- Challenges, Problems and Solutions 2015
E312 Revamping ineffective systems which are a root cause of corruption and poor governance: an insight from modern thinking and Indian wisdom 2015
E313 The Indian Real Estate Sector; Formulation of a Code of Conduct for Builders and an Analysis of Corruption 2015