Poem Competition – Rules

The is an online competition organized by Rakshak Foundation.


The Competition is open to everyone. There is no age restriction or nationality restriction. Contestent has to certify that the poem he/she is submitting is authored by him/her.


  • This competition is limited only to Hindi and English language at this time. This is due to several limitations at our end.
  • There is no entry fee for this competition.
  • The contestant will have to provide biographical information using an entry form available on the Rakshak foundation website before submitting their entries.
  • The poem should be original. Plagiarism of any sort would lead to straight disqualification.
  • The poem shall become the property of Rakshak Foundation and the author and they can use it for purpose of distribution etc.
  • The poet will have to specify the “ras” of the poem and will have to give a title to his/her poem
  • Poem should not be more than 1000 words.
  • The poem should be preceded by a 2-3 line write up regarding how it relates to the theme. The write up can be in Hindi or in English
  • The poems will be judged on the basis of Content, Originality, its conformance to the “ras” specified, creativity of Title, overall impact.
  • The poems will have to be submitted online by July 31st by noon, Indian standard time.
  • The poems should not have obscene language or any vulgar innuendos. Usage of such language will lead to disqualification
  • A person is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 entries by submitting separate forms [irrespective of the language]
  • If a person wants to withdraw his/her entry after submission or change his submission he will have to mail the request to poem@rakshakfoundation.org with the poem’s submission id.
  • Before the winners are announced, they will be contacted to verify their identity as filled in the poem submission form.

    The copyright of each entry remains with the author and Rakshak Foundation. Rakshak foundation retains the right to publish the entries Rakshak foundation website.

    Entrants making comments during the judging process grant Rakshak Foundation permission to publish these comments (on an anonymous basis) on the Rakshak Foundation website.


    All winners will be notified by postal mail, email or by telephone. The winning entries, poets/writers, their names and brief biographical information will be published on the Rakshak Foundation website.