Patriotic Song Competition


One Music. One Nation. One Love
“One song to rule their hearts
One song to teach them their parts
One song that brings them together
One song that sets them apart”

About Desh Raag

Rakshak Foundation (a registered NGO) has conceptualized a two phase music competition, to be conducted in the first phase online, and in the second phase, at a live venue.
Bands or individual musicians will contribute/perform originally composed Patriotic songs in awe of the nation. With appropriate weighted and balanced judging done by expert panelists, peers and the audience, a winner will finally be decided in a live/broadcast setting.
The spirit of music is freedom and its soul is its audience. The music that is generated for our motherland as a result of this competition will not just attain its own true soul and Spirit, but that display will paraller no other ever done before.
The Youth of our nation can resonate the feeling of that song which may be powerful and thoughtful enough to become no less than an Anthem.

One Music. One Nation. One Love

Ideology of Desh Raag

To generate a sense of pride in youth towards the two of the most celebrated attributes: Culture and Patriotism.
Our country is rich in the diversity of its cultural heritage and hence an art form that is uniform across the nation is chosen to represent the patriotic sentiment; Music.
India, being a nation of values, culture and diversity has skewed slightly, from the path of unimpeded nationalistic thought.
Out Youth, which consitutes more than half of our nation’s population, needs to be inspired to believe in what our forefathers who shaped the nation stood for.

Through the sublime art; music, Desh Raag aims to integrate the dissociated and waning patriotism in the youth into a feeling of love and Passion for our nation while ensuring a platform for them to portray their art in front of the country and in turn to inspire this billion plus nation.

Indian musicians will be provided an opportunity to move masses in a way never conceptualized before. Their music can Change everything. They will help us ignite in each heart, the eternal flame of nationalism. Not many get a chance to repeat what forms their history books. This will be the first.

Desh Raag will

  • Generate and propagate patriotism in the youth of the nation
    Promote this sentiment virally across the country through music, as it is the art form most of our youth relates to.
    Integrate and unite the country about the axis of patriotism.
    Provide avenues to talent from a broad spectrum of folk musicians as well as bands to showcase their talent.
    Allow participants to create online profiles (info, philosophy, history recordings and even videos) giving them a personalized webpage in the limelight.
    Offer the top musicians from the online round a broadcast or live performance opportunity in the finals.
    Execute a wide multi-phase elite publicity campaign to create a loyal base of followers and a post event phase especially aimed at sustaining the impact.
    Launch a simultaneous volunteer program in which those willing to immerse themselves in this one of its kind initiative, can enroll.

  • One Music. One Nation. One Love

    Desh Raag will
    Assist the participants by providing online resources on How to translate their patriotic lyrical ideas into songs? Which affordable hardware and open source software can be used to
    record these compositions?
    What is the procedure to contact and record songs at a studio and what are
    region-wise options?

    Incorporate short interactive videos of rising folk and fusion artists and bands in conjunction to the assistance for guiding the participants with words and sample music.
    Educate the youth by keeping a section of the website entirely dedi•cated to depict some forgotten stories and characters of the Indian freedom struggle.
    Sustain and archive the music produced and help the winners record their compositions at a professional studio and by subsequently pub•licizing them through radio spots.
    Involve a three stage judging process. Top 10-15 entries as per the expert opinion (50%) will be subjected to peer-review (25%) and then profiles will be open for public review (25%) which will be done through publicity and subsequent call for votes.
    Glorify music as the language of the motivated Indian youth.


    One Music. One Nation. One Love

    Team Desh Raag
    A group of highly Motivated recent graduates, final and pre-final year students fron India Driven by a burning desire to change how the youth perceives and is perceived.
    Each individual brings a Unique ability and dynamic to the team.
    As of now, the team Experience encompasses all the necessary skills ranging from web development to artist co-ordination and marketing and media representation to even logisitics expertise.
    Along with their full-time education, team members have held Illustrious positions in the past with bodies like Mood Indigo (Asia’s largest college cultural festival); Channel [V]’s Launchpad, MTV’s India Fest, NCPA, SPIC•MACAY and IIT Bombay’s Institute Cultural Council.
    Team Chemistry and Bonding reflects clearly with all members being the part of a close knit group of musicians in IIT Bombay for over four years.
    The team’s Creative thought is endlessly fostered under the able supervision of Rakshak Foundation.


    One Music. One Nation. One Love

    Desh Raag and you
    Groups, agencies, institutes, organizations or individuals associating themselves with Desh Raag, will be seen as Pioneering contributors to the Indian patriotic sentiment and as guardians of Indian music and culture.
    A synergy with Desh Raag will create opportunities to gain consumer/public confidence through Goodwill imptacting the largest percentage section of our population of 1.3 Billion; i.e. the Youth.
    Supporting a patriotic cause while also fostering the country’s musical talent will earn them brand Value in all population segments ranging from school children to senior citizens.
    For corporates it is a chance for to add some particularly useful and insightful CSR initiative to their portfolio.
    The broadcasting industry has evolved in India as a mature purveyor of information. Promoting Desh Raag will Highlight any player on the competitive landscape as one with true grit and genuine love for the nation. Knowing their actions affect a nation, it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to give back to the nation that built their brands.
    For music labels and recording studios, Desh Raag is an oppotunity to share our patriotic values and come together into a harmonic Synergy with us.