Internship 2013 – Trip Liability Waiver

Liability Waiver

Liability Waiver for the "Out of station Trip" as group activity

I acknowledge and understand that the outstation trip to Dehradun/Mussourie/Dhanaulti and other surrounding places that I’m going to undertake as a 'Out of Station Group Activity" (called as 'event') is not a compulsory activity of Rakshak Foundation. The risks it involves are same or more than the risks involved when I undertake this kind of trip myself. These risks are beyond the scope and control of Rakshak Foundation. Rakshak Foundation has kindly agreed to arrange and pay for the transportation costs only. All other costs and incidentals associated with this event will be my responsibility and will be borne by me.

I also acknowledge that the event can be physically strenuous and requires physical fitness and good health. In consideration of Rakshak Foundation accepting my participation in this trip as well as all transportation or the activities in connection with the trip, I hereby release and forever discharge Rakshak Foundation, its Directors, Officers, Internship coordinators, Employees, Mentors and anyone associated with Rakshak Foundation, heirs and assigns (the “Released Parties”) of and from any claim, demand, damage, which may include a failure to properly safeguard against any dangers and hazards pertaining to the trip, including, without limitation, the negligence of the internship coordinators, employees and instructors working with/for Rakshak Foundation.

I have informed my parents/guardians and that they have expressly granted permission to me for participating in this trip and take sole responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances or mishaps. I agree to inform the staff of Rakshak Foundation of any medical/mental concerns (physical limitations, severe allergies, medical conditions, or medications required) to my participation in the trip (Non-disclosure amounts to a representation that there are no concerns). I am expected to carry the required medications (if applicable).

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations imposed on participants by Rakshak Foundation and it’s staff to maintain discipline. These rules and regulations are designed for the safety and protection of all the participants.

I have read the above and fully understand the terms of this waiver and my subsequent commitment. I assume all responsibility to investigate and to become informed of all aspects of the trip. Rakshak Foundation shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness, or personal injury, including pain, suffering, and death, that may be sustained by me in the course of participation in the trip. It will be my sole responsibility to ensure my safety at all times.