About Us

Rakshak Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Santa Clara, California, which researches different public policy issues and creates awareness about them. We sponsor Seminars on public policy matters, sponsor activities to involve the youth including volunteerism and support programs to help the needy. Through the dedicated efforts of our volunteers around the globe, we at Rakshak Foundation bring our perspective on various issues to the attention of the decision making bodies and institutions in US and India. Through our concerted efforts we hope to create an energized and informed citizenry which we believe is the basis of better quality of life in a strong society in a vibrant nation.

Rakshak Foundation, with volunteers around the world is dedicated to the propagation of social harmony, creating awareness on issues affecting Indians and NRI’s living around the world and cultivating a sense of duty and responsibility amongst Indians living worldwide. At Rakshak, we also make efforts to address issues affecting NRI’s by representing their problems to the US lawmakers and relevant U.S. Government agencies and also interact with the Indian Consulates, Indian Embassy and the Indian Government.

The basic objective of Rakshak is to help strengthen the foundations of our society and bolster the confidence of a common man in the system by creating awareness about the issues affecting him/her. Rakshak Foundation provides help to individuals or organizations that seek to better the society and work with them to address problems related to the community at large. Rakshak creates awareness about social, civic and legal issues at various levels of administration