Citizens Social Initiative (CSI)

Citizen Social Initiative Program – Purpose

Citizen Social Initiative (CSI) is a two year professional development program for undergraduate students to participate in nation building through public policy research and develop their inter-personal and leadership skills.

Our vision is to

  • motivate the youth to be more responsible and involved citizens
  • build both demand and appreciation for good governance
  • highlight importance of inclusive progress for a sustainable society

And we will achieve our vision through our mission by

  • introducing youth to the existing challenges in our country
  • creating a platform for working together and shaping future of our country
  • developing responsible citizens and future leaders to make our society a better place to live

Benefits to the Student

  •  Provides the students with an opportunity to experience real-world problems to which they must apply fundamental academic and interpersonal skills.
  •  Identify, cultivate and develop students towards their participation in social issues and public policy
  •  Links academic program content with the workplace.
  • Provides students a rich learning platform to interact and share their ideas and vision with other fellow interns working on diverse projects
  •  Provides students with opportunity to be creative in finding innovative solutions to actual problems.
  •  Motivates students to develop a strong work ethic and achievement orientation with some supervision.
  •  Introduces students to the roles of nonprofits in their community and beyond.
  •  Provides them opportunity to recognize their true passions and potential.
  •  Lets them experience a sense of success and accomplishment, which will enhance their self-esteem and may motivate interest in their academic subjects and activities.

Benefits to Rakshak Foundation

  •  Cultivate a pool of volunteers who will spare some of their time and energy in carrying forward the good work of the Foundation.
  •  Some of them would become enthusiastic ambassadors of the Rakshak Foundation who will motivate others to get involved as interns/volunteers.
  •  Develop relationships with university administrators and faculty members.
  •  Helps achieve one of our Foundation’s core objective of involvement of Civic Society for improved governance.
  •  Word of mouth  awareness back on the campuses and in their homes by the interns as they share their experiences and achievements.


How to Apply?

The program is currently available in a few selected cities and colleges. There are limited number of projects and limited positions available. You can only apply to the Research program online through the form below. To enroll in the volunteer program, contact your Rakshak campus ambassador. Students for the leadership program are selected by the Rakshak board upon completion of the Research program.

Please apply by filling the Citizen Social Initiative Research Program – Scholar Application Form