Be an Inspiration

Rakshak ‘s belief is that everyone who has found his passion and is able to pursue it is bound to be admired by others and they would draw inspiration from him. Rakshak wishes to be the catalyst, the agent, the facilitator in the pursuit of your passion if it is related to the betterment of the society and the nation. To be an inspiration to others does not require any conscious effort or even a desire on the part of the person who is the source of inspiration. Your actions which reflect selflessness, courage, compassion and commitment automatically give rise to admiration and inspiration in others. Often, the path one has to tread when one is guided by his convictions and by public good is difficult and full of heartbreaks. It is in these adverse situations that your true character is tested and even a temporary failure is uplifting since you learn useful lessons from each setback and re-dedicate yourself with renewed vigour.

Build a Better tomorrow

This is what Rakshak is all about. We are convinced that if men and women of character dedicate some of their time and energies to improve things around them for the benefit of all, a better tomorrow is guaranteed. It is important to channelize the energy of the youth for the building of a more just civil society. It requires first fostering of civic awareness through local service projects, then building collaboration and leadership skills through involvement with city bodies and committees on issues of increasing complexity. Good citizenship makes a big difference. Government functions better; public health outcomes are better. Our goal has to be to instill in the youth, in fact, in each citizen a sense of pride and responsibility toward one’s community.