Get Involved

What issues are you most passionate about? Learn more by gathering information about the things that interest you. By informing yourself you will be more prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Lead & Get Others Involved

Being a good leader is about building on the skills you have and knowing how to leverage the strengths of others. Write down the skills that you and your team members have and see how each member of your team can use their strengths to lead in different way Remember that good leadership includes good teamwork!

Raise Awareness

It can also be helpful to get publicity and let people know about your project! Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools. Be enthusiastic! Let others know how and why they should get involved! Networking can give you ideas, access to knowledge and experience, and help in gaining support for your project. Create a map of your networks and track your contacts.

You could start by ……


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