Vision and Mission

Rakshak Foundation, with volunteers around the world is dedicated to the propagation of social harmony, creating awareness on issues affecting Indians and NRI’s living around the world. At Rakshak, we also make efforts to address issues affecting NRI’s by representing their problems to the Indian, U.S. and International agencies. Rakshak seeks to create an India free from want, strife, ignorance, injustice and corruption where merit is respected and people live in harmony helping each other to achieve their true potential. Foster and promote the development of the social, cultural, economic and civic lives of Indian Americans to benefit the entire community. Rakshak encourages all Indian Americans and NRIs to involve themselves in issues facing their communities to contribute positively including charity and volunteering, and to abide by all US laws applicable to them.

Former US President Franklin D Roosevelt had once said, ‘ We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.’

Excel to your true potential

Rakshak chisels out the best in you and fuels your passion for selfless altruistic activities working with the experienced, passionate and bright mind of society. Rakshak instills the confidence in you that you can lead a social change varying in magnitude and inspires others to follow you. You could choice to be a leader or a follower. You could inspire or get inspired, you have the power. Rakshak just channels that insatiable fire and desire in you to make a positive impact in the lives of countless other who you may not even know you ever. Rakshak provides the insight into high level issues, their interconnection and long term effects on the society. You have a choice to submit a project proposal to start on somethings you wanted to change, work with project which is in progress, help with research on public policy issues, create awareness about Rakshak…. list is endless and we are waiting for you to start…. If you are a person who loves self awareness, a strong society and wish to build a vibrant nation, come forward to be a Rakshak.

Make a difference

Working with a ‘burning desire’ to make a difference, is the greatest motivator to do something meaningful. The well educated amongst us are the fortunate ones as what they have achieved is because of the investment of resources by your society in you. It is fair for the society and the nation to expect that you would contribute to strengthening its infrastructure and for bettering the lives of the less fortunate ones.

When the energy, idealism and optimism of the youth of the country get channeled in to nation building the country moves forward rapidly on the path of progress and attainment of a just society. The youth has a two pronged responsibility. First is the responsibility to oneself- to become physically strong and healthy, to become mentally tough with a degree of self-control and to become a good citizen radiating happiness all around. The second responsibility is to contribute to make your surroundings and the society you belong to, better. Keep aside some time, say, 2-3 hours every week for the second responsibility. You can choose any worthwhile cause or activity which is with in your means and appears important to you, such as, teaching poor or illiterate, cleaning the surroundings, saving energy, impart some useful skill to others who may earn a living from it and so on. Such work brings a sense of discipline to the doer and helps him/her discover self. The interactions with others will enrich the doer too.