Summer Research 2014 – Intern Display Data

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Points to remember before you fill this portion:
  • This section will guide you to properly upload all the relevant documents related to your internship program [including RTI report and you unique social project proposal (if applicable]
  • Kindly follow the nomenclature given below as the files would be auto read and any discrepancy would not be recognized by the program. No spaces are allowed in the name of the files. Be very precise and careful.
  • Your project related documents including executive summary, summary, presentation and report will be put in the public domain and widely circulated among the government agencies, administration and relevant NGOs
  • Please keep in mind that your project related documents will not only represent you, but your institute, your mentor and Rakshak Foundation
  • Please do the best job that makes you and your mentor proud and satisfied
  • Proper Organization and presentation of your work is equally, if not more, important than the content of the research work
Brochure Specific Information
Click here to see the Sample Brochure Page look and feel [one page per intern]

Points to remember before you fill this portion:
  • This brochure is going to summarize all the projects of Rakshak Foundation. It is your chance to show quality and quantity of your efforts before eminent personalities around the world
  • The brochure will be circulated among the top echelons of the government, administration, judiciary, academia and research organizations
  • Please spend time patiently filling these sections as 80-100 words may seem to be very short but it might prove to be an extremely challenging task for you to squeeze the content in that much space without losing on the essence
  • This brochure is going to be a catalog and you should make sure that your description catches the attention of eminent perosnalities to get all your hard work of 2 months noticed
  • It is important to catch attention or get noticed by the policy makers for any of your reports to get translated into implementation