Summer Research Program 2019 – On boarding

Welcome to Rakshak Foundation’s Summer Research ProgramThe program gets carried out in 2 batches:
Batch 1: This is for MBA students only. Their internship runs from March 31st till June 7th (to coincide with their summer vacation)Batch 2: This is for rest of UG and PG students. This internship runs from May 10th till July 15th and intern will be staying in the same city as their mentors are in.

The internship program is very rigorous and requires your full attention. Most of the interns will be working with highly accomplished mentors and are required to make continuous trackable progress. Internship coordinators are there to help at various stages. Interns are required to be active on social media to discuss, share and collaborate on their work and new learnings. Interns will be divided into different groups and they will have to make progress on these group projects along with their regular individual projects.

Each intern is assigned a internship roll number, which is used in all the documents the intern submits though dropbox. Interns must stick to the deadlines and must not miss deadlines. Interns will be required to submit PDF documents of weekly progress report, weekly progress presentations, field visit report, mentor meeting minutes, mid term presentation, mid term report, final presentation and final report.

During the course of the internship, foundation would engage and promote group activities. There would be tour to couple of local NGOs, documentary screening, invited guest lectures and team building sessions.

Please fill Registration Form, Liability Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement, Rules and Regulations Acceptance form at the start of the program

Summer Research Program – Registration Form

Please fill the Registration Form carefully, the information you enter here will be used through out the internship program. We would need your emergency contacts and other required information.

Summer Research Program – Liability Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement

Please fill the Liability Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement after reading it carefully, this is required to ensure Rakshak Foundation is not liable in any way financially or otherwise.

Summer Research Program – Rules and Regulations Acceptance form

Please fill the Rules and Regulations Acceptance form and adhere to these rules.

Summer Research Program – Best moment of the day form

Please fill the Best moment of the day form at least once a week. We share selected submission at Facebook page. You are also expected to be active on Facebook and Twitter (social Media). When the foundation puts an update, we expect you to have discussion, comments or share it with outside world. The intention of this activity is to ensure the knowledge that you gain as part of this research experience is shared globally with others who wanted to be part of this program but could not work with us for various reasons

Summer Research Program – Weekly submissions

Foundation requires you to keep extensive document of activities and progress in research work. You are required to submit PDF documents of all the documents (except presentations, which are in PPT form). You are expected to finish and upload your weekly documents by Noon on the Saturday of the same week.
1) Weekly Reports
2) Weekly Presentations
3) Field visit reports – 1 field visit per week (average)
4) Best Moment of the day – At least 1 per week
5) Mentor Meeting Minutes – At least once a week