Suggestions for Environmental remediation


  1. The Government and the voluntary organisation should take steps to popularise the use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides, which are having environmental benefits.
  2. The owners of big hotels and grocery shops should come forward to change ploy bags and use paper and cloth bags.
  3. The age of marriage for girls should be raised from 18 years to 20 years and of boys 25 years from the present 21 years. This is under active consideration of the Central Government and this must be implemented so as to control population growth.
  4. Regular awareness campaigns should be conducted by voluntary organizations to create awareness about environmental conservation activities.
  5. A massive programme of waste land development through forestation and tree planting with people’s participation should be popularised. This should be done especially during the monsoon season. The Government and other voluntary organisation should educate the common mass about the need.
  6. There is a Central Pollution Control Board which co-ordinate the State Pollution Central Boards throughout the country. These regulatory bodies have been entrusted with the responsibility of continuous monitoring and routine check up of the environment problems. These agencies take necessary action against erring industries. At the same time, it is expected that the industries act
  7. according to the guidelines is proposed by Pollution Control Board.

  8. The Government should take steps by controlling air pollution due to emission from automobiles by formulating efficient transport policies. The automobile industries and oil industries must also come forward to improve their existing standards to save the atmosphere from air pollution.
  9. Appropriate and immediate legislation is needed to control and regulate the use of ground water and protect surface water sources so as to ensure a basic sustainable supply of drinking water for rural population.