Environmental Remediation

Rakshak Foundation strives to create awareness about the importance of respect towards the environment and natural resources. We must not take the environment and natural resources for granted. With increase of population pressure, we are putting unprecedented and unnatural load on the environment. Rakshak is in the process of organizing a campaign to create awareness about importance of respecting the natural environment and ensuring the each one of us could educate and convince few citizens to get by using less and less of these resources and not to waste them. Man is an integral part of the natural environment and owes his existence to wise use of resources for sustainable development. Today the delicate ecosystem of our planet is facing a danger of destruction on a scale as never before in the history of mankind. In the mad race for development man has been ruthlessly consuming natural resources and polluting the environment.
There is a direct relationship between environment and the economic development of the country. Implementing environmentally responsible investment strategies into the management of public funds has yet to take off, though it is a growing trend with forward-thinking institutional investors globally.

Rakshak plans to initiate poster and lecture campaign that seeks to influence the political process by research, awareness, activism, and education in order to protect natural resources and ecosystems.