The following are interviews with Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, conducted by C. Edward Griffin in 1984. Bezmenov was a KGB operative with high level connections. His father was a Red Army General who reported directly to the Soviet Minister of Defense. Yuri details many of the strategies used by the KGB to demoralize and undermine American society, a critical step in laying the groundwork for a communist takeover. He describes methods used for the manipulation of “useful idiots”, socialist sympathizers on the left wing of US politics. His insight is both horrifying and fascinating. The relevance remains. Many of the “lost generations” he describes inhabit the halls of power today. The KGB actively trained the intelligence services of several Islamic countries with whom we are currently embroiled. It seems likely that similar tactics are currently being employed inside of Western democracies today. The very openness of our society, which is its greatest asset, is also its greatest weakness, allowing focused regimes without scruples to burrow into our culture and destroy it from within.