Meet Rakshaks

Geeta Bhasin, Delhi

I am follower of a non-profit organisation called ‘Rakshak Foundation’. I joined Rakshak foundation as it is dedicated to raise day today important issues in the society such as family values, propagation of social harmony and creating awareness on public inquiry issues to cultivate a sense of duty and responsibility amongst common people, which is otherwise neglected.

Before joining this foundation, I was an ordinary youngster like many others with a favourite pastime debating about the issues around us but do nothing to sort them. But somewhere in my mind there was always a simulation about these issues and this foundation has helped me in enlightening the right path to resolve the issues concerning common people as problem solving is the roof of everything they do and everyday is different.

There are countless problems in different communities today and they desperately need the benefits charity work brings them. Uplifting these deprived communities cannot be accomplished from efforts by an individual or few organisations, it is a collective effort and each and every individual should contribute in some way or the other for this good cause.

Rakshak Foundation has an unparalleled reputation and offers a unique combination of skills and experience in meeting the complex needs of the deprived communities. It also ensures individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them, or through inability to express themselves their needs effectively. Rakshak foundation exercise a responsible influence on the development of social policies and services both locally and nationally and being involved in their campaigning gives me an opportunity to do something positive not just for an individual but for the whole community and with a personal connection that encourages confidence and satisfaction, and I take this as a rewarding and enlightening experience of life.


Priyanka Negi, Delhi

I am Priyanka Negi, pursuing my post graduation in Statistics from Delhi University. “Rakshak” is a non-profitable governmental organization formed in 2006 and having its headquarters in Santa Clara,California,USA. Since its creation it has played an exemplary role in expounding awareness among different stratas of the society, regarding their rights and duties as citizens. The prestigious Foundation has a strong resolve towards promoting a sense of pride in the cultural heritage of our country not only within its boundaries but across the globe. Essential tools of its awareness imparting programme include publications and representations. The paperwork is supported by meticulous data collection, analyzing and calibration aiming to endorse the core information on issues of social concerns, strictly directed as per the rulings of ‘The Right to Information Act’. “Rakshak” is among the sincere organizations that encourage the citizens to participate actively in the governance of the country. It is very much relevant from the initiatives taken by it in conducting seminars, debates and press conferences that has been attended by people in large numbers and has mobilized the public opinions on various issues. The representation submitted by it to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has been a pioneering effort to preserve the rights and sovereignty of the foreign nationals. Another one of Madhav Menon Committee on Criminal Justice reform policy unveiled the misuse of laws under the present structure of our judiciary.

It concentrates on restoration of law and order in the society through the various representations forwarded by it to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personal, Public Grievances, Law and Justice. “Rakshak”, is again, a progressive organization increasingly making its mark among the reputed educational institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, where its reports are being used in research and developmental projects and ignite the young minds to shoulder the responsibility of the future.

Being a part of this dedicated organization is in itself will be a matter of pride for me. It not only will help me transform into a responsible citizen but also work towards the betterment of the society.


Ashish Malik, Delhi

The first time I heard about Rakshak Foundation…it drew my interest and attention towards it by the thought that connected with me the most: “Stop questioning…start answering.” I have always tried to put an effort in making a change for my country…INDIA. I have always wanted to be a volunteer for any organization worthwhile enough to bring about a change. But I have never come across any organization inspiring enough to make me commit to it. I have always advocated people not to crib about the small things that make no difference in anybody’s lives. For e.g. my friends complain about the huge amount of public in buses and the metro but I just hate these statements of theirs. I always tell them that nothings going to change by cribbing and it’s of no use. Though in this way I am not doing anything fruitful to make a change. But that’s how my thought connects to the thought of RAKSHAK. Moreover, the right to speech is our biggest strength and weakness. It’s a strength because no one can ever stop us from expressing ourselves but the question is who is there to listen to us and who cares what a commoner like me thinks or even how can my thoughts bring a change in this way??? That’s our biggest weakness and this weakness is being bridged by RAKSHAK by making our thoughts, our ideas, our perceptions, our methods be heard at the highest level. Commoners like me don’t have enough funds to start a revolution neither do our small efforts like forcing our families to go green and leave behind superstitions bring about any big change. But RAKSHAK amplifies our voice and helps making a difference actually……..POSSIBLE.