What will be the duration of the CSI program?
The  is a whole year program except for the 2 month summer vacation. It will run for about 9-10 months. The students work from Hostel/Home. You will be working as “Social Scholar”

How can I join the CSI?
The selection procedure starts at the college with the sorting of resumes by the internship cell or coordinators and later by personal interviews. Once selected the students are grouped into teams for the project.

Is CSI a part time or full time program?
The program is a full time program and is currently in it’s pilot phase. It is open for full time students currently enrolled at some university. Participating students are required to attend all the sessions taking place during the internship.

How long are the students supposed to work?
The students are required to work for least 7-8 hours a week on the given project. The work is divided among the members and all of the students work in teams.

Is it compulsory that the students work in a team?
Yes. One of the major aims of the CSI project is to inculcate the values of team spirit among the students, so it is necessary for interns to work together as virtual teams.

Are there monetary incentives?
The program does not have any monetary incentives attached to it. However, scholars exhibiting Rakshak Core values and taking extra-ordinary initiatives resulting in solid measurable outcome will be given prizes and opportunities.

How will I be benefitted by this program?
The benefits are multifold. The interns will be exposed to a lot of local and national problems, working on them as teams will nurture the qualities of responsibility and leadership among them. The guidance of eminent personalities and bureaucrats will help them excel in all the fields.

What kind of topic will different teams work on? Will all of them work on the same topic or one topic for an individual?
The aim of the program will be to focus on different local issues during the pilot run. We plan to take on some national level and broader issues while in the next stage and next phase. The topics will relate to the social scenario of the place and the background of the students as well. This will allow for the research to proceed in depth also being parallel to the students academics.

What is expected from the CSIS (Citizen social initiative scholar)?
The scholar needs to be passionate to work on the project, they should work with high level of commitment, motivation and willingness. They need to be punctual and open in their views.

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