Challenges of Developing Countries

It is well known that the developing countries have to go a long way to achieve any of the eight MDGs while only 5 years are left to achieve them as per the Declaration of the year 2000. To reiterate,

  • Infant Mortality Rate(IMR) is high in Developing Countries and it demands for more policies and programmes.
  • Higher mortality rate of girls than boys under 5 years of age due to malnutrition and social causes.
  • Provision of adequate services to vulnerable groups to bridge the gap between urban and rural health coverage.
  • Maternal Mortality Rate(MMR) is high and reliable data is critical for further actions.
  • Change necessary in pregnancy pattern among the women of the vulnerable age groups 15-19 yrs.
  • Implementation of HIV/AIDS awareness programme.
  • Ensuring safe blood transfusion through licensed blood banks.
  • Promotion of condoms among the high risk group to prevent transmission
  • Care and support to the people with HIV/AIDS.
  • To overcome technical obstacles and Operational difficulties for complete eradication of Malaria.
  • Implementation of policies by state governments to accelerate the pace of coverage of drinking water supply and sewage services.