Past Accomplishments

Rakshak has been actively creating awareness in the society about the important of citizen participation in public policy issues. In the past several years, Rakshak has engaged in the following activities trying to work towards it’s goal.

1) Provided feedback to government Authorities on various public policy issues. Rakshak has given several representations to various Parliamentary committees, organizations and government officials at various levels. Rakshak Foundation has been invited 5 times by the Indian Parliamentary committee for giving evidence on matter of public importance and policies.

  • Representation to Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
  • Representation of Madhav Menon Committee on Criminal Justice reform policy
  • Representation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs
  • Representation to Indian Ambassdor to United States Mr. Ronen Sen
  • Representation to MOIA minister Vayalar Ravi in Los Angeles
  • Presentation to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice (twice)
  • Several High Court Judges [Meeting in USA and Delhi on various dates

2) Conducted Seminars on Various public issues

  • RTI seminar, Delhi, India
  • CrPC Amendment Seminar, Delhi, India
  • Marriage in Crisis Seminar, Delhi, India

3) Delivered Lectures at Indian Institute of Technology

  • On Being a responsible Citizen

4) Public Charity

  • Lunch for Foster Kids
  • Dinner for 40 kids from a local Child Shelter
  • Provided Infrastructure (Table and instruments) for a local School in Kanpur, UP, India
  • Provided partial cost for running a school for autistic kids in Kanpur, UP, India