Why should you join Rakshak?

Rakshak chisels out the best in you and fuels your passion for selfless altruistic activities working with the experienced, passionate and bright minds of society. Rakshak instills the confidence in you so that you can be an agent of social change and be an inspiration to others to follow you. You could choice to be a leader or a follower.

You could inspire or get inspired, you have the power. Rakshak just channels that insatiable fire and desire in you to make a positive impact in the lives of countless others who you may not ever even know. Rakshak provides the insight into high level issues, their interconnection and their long term effects on the society.

How could you help?

Brilliant ideas and solutions are not the property of the privileged they come from those who have experienced the problems. Rakshak works with different levels of the society. Rakshak works with many other NGOs, government, media and citizens to understand, research and analyze the root cause of the problems and provides you with the opportunity to address the problem in simple and intelligent way. It empowers you through knowledge, communication with experts and brings out the leadership skills in you. Rakshak members listen to everyone, no matter how young and inexperienced you may be.

Volunteers play a unique and valuable role in the services we provide. Their time, commitment, dedication, and skills are valued both by us and by the people they give their time to. People volunteer for a variety of reasons, with the main reason being that volunteers simply enjoy helping others. Many volunteers also want to learn new skills and gain experience. Volunteering can help people build confidence and self-esteem, and meet new people.

Volunteers make a positive difference and provide a personal touch to our mission.

You have a choice to submit a project proposal to start on something you wanted to change, work with project which is in progress, help with research on public policy issues, create awareness about Rakshak…. list is endless and we are waiting for you to start…. If you are a person who loves self awareness, a strong society and to build vibrant nation, you should come forward to be a Rakshak.

What makes us different?

Rakshak Foundation encourages people to work on a practical solution to a problem. We work with administration and authorities to understand their perspective and make them also the stakeholder and part of the solution.

We gather like minded people with progressive thinking, knowledge and experience to suggest a workable and practical solution in the present scenario. We work towards addressing the problem in the system (root cause) in various ways (for eg. increasing transparency, comprehensive analysis of the problem, meeting with the officials) to address them at the high impact level. We empower the citizens through increased transparency and accountability in the system and empower the authorities by making citizens more informed and responsible towards intentions, accomplishment and constraints of the administration.