Get Inspired

Tired of the same reports on endemic corruption, archaic leadership, and misgovernance in our society! Look around… Do you see garbage that is never cleared, parking laws that are not obeyed, media reports that are not entirely truthful….A broken system.. Easy to sit back and complain…. or feel helpless…or simply not worry about this…right? For a change why not try to make a difference… however small it may be…

This is the story behind Rakshak. Rakshak was born as a way for us to make difference and inspire others like us to shun the natural apathy about larger issues. In a short span of four years we have grown into an international organization, with volunteers spread across India, US and Europe working on wide range of issues affecting India and Indians worldwide.

Personal Growth
Taking action on an issue that you care about is no easy task. It is especially difficult to move from the idea stage to the action phase. Along the way, through all the challenges faced, one of the most rewarding parts of taking action is what can be learned along the way.

The skills you can develope by taking action and working with Rakshak:

  • in-depth knowledge about an important issue
  • leadership, communication and management skills
  • teamwork and organizational skills
  • how to recruit participants
  • learning to interact with people from different backgrounds
  • advocacy skills
  • determination, patience and clarity of purpose
  • how to handle pressure
  • how to be more confident in your ideas