Our Work

Rakshak takes pride in promoting awareness in the people about their responsibility towards transparent and good governance. Rakshak highlights the fact that selfless contribution is required of informed citizens to make quality of life better at local and global level. Being a responsible citizen should not be a hard thing but it is something which occasionally requires a little extra effort. This is because being a responsible citizen is, at its core, about being a less selfish person, and putting the needs of society before your own needs. It does not means you have to sacrifice all your free time to volunteer or help others, but it does means taking a little time to think about the impact of your actions on others. This requires careful and diligent effort by common people in Governance is just the reflection of the society.

Government is of the people, for the people and by the people. Rakshak works in the area of helping create responsible citizens who work towards better quality of life for average citizen.

Everyone has a duty to be a responsible citizen. But unfortunately, not everyone takes this responsibility seriously. There are plenty of people the world over who do not know what being a responsible citizen means and these are the people who destroy our communities. For being a responsible citizen results in a happy and harmonious community – if everyone else does the same.

Being a responsible citizen covers many areas – some of them legal obligations, some social and some moral. So of course, because not all of them are legal obligations, being a responsible citizen is not as easy as staying within the law. In fact, to be a truly responsible citizen, we sometimes must go out of our way to do things which help our society – give a little of our time and effort for the greater good.

Creating awareness in the society about social issues is one of the main charter of Rakshak Foundation. Rakshak has used several different ways to achieve this goal.