Report an Issue/Idea

Rakshak Foundation believes that responsible citizens have to work for making the country better. They have to be vigilant and responsive to ensure that the problems are reported to the right authorities in timely manner at the same time they should capitalize on the right opportunities and ideas to ensure society benefits from it.

When submitting a incident report, complaint or Idea to Rakshak Foundation, we require you to provide your name and contact information. Rakshak Foundation does not make your information public and does not share your information with anyone else. Providing your name and contact information enables Rakshak to inform you about the actions taken in response to your complaint or idea, and also to contact you should additional information be needed.

It is our policy to treat your name as confidential information and not to disclose it to any other party. However, it may be necessary to share the complaint with the subject organization in the course of a complaint investigation, in which case we will approach you for your consent.

To submit an incident report which you would like Rakshak to take up with right authorities, please fill the “incident report” form.

To submit an idea which you would like Rakshak to put it’s time, energy and resources, please fill the “idea” form.