Whats the take on India’s role as a ‘Soft Power’?

Whats the take on India’s role as a ‘SOFT POWER’? Does India truly have the economic ability coupled with Military strength to be a Soft Power? India, presently confronts numerous challenges both domestically and externally. India as a nation has matured since the last 50 odd years and as a country we have made dynamic progress, but whats the cost? There are numerous questions on social and economic inequality.

There are many fundamental issues confronting the country and its people not only inform of unfriendly and hostile neighborhood but also corruption in public life which chews into the very fabric of the society and makes it weak. Where are we going is the question?


  1. abhishek sharma says

    The notion of a soft power is intrinsically different. The soft power alludes to the power of culture and a country’s ability to use culture to invade the other country. If we look back at history, the term soft power was not used earlier. The cultural invasion was accompanied by military invasion, as it happened when Roman empire grew, the Islamic empire spread out of Arabia.

    In 21st century morality of wars, the cultural invasion followed after military invasion is replaced by soft power. The reason for Iranian revolution was the Western cultural invasion which antithesis to pure Islamic law. The same happens in India when Valentine Day is celebrated.


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